for coffee houses

A coffee house and a cup – without one there is no other. And the SUPERCUPS is an exceptional product that will distinguish your local, and increase the brand association. This is an ideal solution for a visual advertisement without high costs. The SUPERCUPS with your delicious coffee inside means growing circle of customers. A package, in this case the cup, ought to be treated as one of important elements of the product that influences the client’s decision about purchase.

Original coffee paper cups attract the attention – of a passer-by on the street, in the park, of a tourist at the seaside… Potential customers see other „coffee-lovers” with tasteful cups in their hands and … they come for a coffee!

The cup means not only coffee. If you offer drinks for health-conscious people – we can offer plastic cups as well – ideal for smoothies and juice. It goes with a lid and a straw – get on the road, customers!